Universal Design with Patricia Moore

Design legend and Universal Design pioneer, Patricia Moore will share stories of her renown work.

Patricia (Pattie) Moore is a pioneering female designer, gerontologist (social scientist of the aging), author, educator and design thought leader. Pattie has been named by ID magazine as one of the 40 Most Socially Conscious Designers in the world.

During 1979-1982, a twenty something year-old Pattie dressed up as an elderly woman wearing her grandmother’s clothes, uncomfortable shoes she made that she had difficulty walking in, plugs for her ears to distort her hearing, and thick glasses that significantly distorted her vision. With her body altered to simulate the normal sensory changes associated with ageing, she was able to respond to people, products, and environments as an elder.

You could easily thank Pattie for many well designed products such as OXO Smart-Grip potato peelers that feel comfy in the hands of both kids and grandparents. But you should more importantly thank her for her contribution to Universal Design, an approach to design that considers every ability, age and walk of life.

Come and here Pattie share some stories of her work!


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