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Come join us online to hear about the practices of three forward thinking Australian practitioners working to create systems change. Learn about their transdisciplinary practices that sit at the edges of Design, Systems Thinking, Futures Thinking, and Circular Economy.

Lets talk about how might we transition to better futures and support OzHarvest too!

[ NB Event timing is Australian Eastern Standards Time ]

Luke Craven (Australian Tax Office)

Luke’s intention is to build knowledge, capability and advocacy for addressing large scale and complex government challenges through the use of systems thinking and design thinking. Government and public services face increasingly complex challenges, which involve working at scale, for example in the health, employment services, superannuation and taxation systems. The expectations on public sector designers are changing as they work in larger systems, tackling increasing complexity, ambiguity and interconnectedness.   Drawing on systems thinking brings new ways of thinking and understanding the complexity around us, and its methodologies and tools can help understand, document and communicate complexity to focus design efforts on enduring and sustainable solutions. This talk will discuss how complex systems thinking has been applied in the Australian Taxation Office as the new system-led design approach.

About Luke Craven

Dr Luke Craven is a Director at ATO Design. He leads the ATO’s Foresight team, which undertakes proactive work on the future of the tax and superannuation system in order to prepare the ATO to respond strategically to change. The Foresight team utilise a range of tools and approaches including systems thinking, strategic foresight and speculative design, and create bespoke methodologies to support innovation and strategic thinking across the ATO. Prior to joining the ATO, Luke was a Lecturer in Public Sector Management at UNSW Canberra, and a Lead Researcher with FoodLab Sydney, a food business incubator that assists diverse populations in the development of new food businesses, creating new economic development opportunities, empowering individuals and communities, and expanding inclusion in the food system. ​

Chris Reidy (UTS Institute of Sustainable Futures)

Futures thinking is an important human capacity, and crucial to social change. We all have different views about the future and these views reveal much about our values, narratives and preferred actions. Chris will talk about futures thinking projects at different scales and their role in social change, from scenario planning at city scales to visioning work in small groups.

About Chris

Chris Riedy is Professor of Sustainability Governance at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney. He is a transdisciplinary academic with a research interest in governance, communication and social change for sustainable futures. Chris draws on sociological and political theory, narrative theory and futures thinking to design, facilitate and evaluate practical experiments in transformative change towards sustainable futures. He coordinates the Institute’s work on sustainability transformations.

Jenni Phillipe (CircleCo)

Circular Design is a fundamental enabler for organisations to transition into the circular economy. It delivers desirable, feasible and viable solutions that design out waste and pollution from the outset, keep products and materials in use for as long as possible and regenerate natural systems along the way.  Jenni will walk through the core principles of circular economy and demonstrate through success stories how circular design can transform the way businesses can meet their customer’s needs while addressing the systemic challenges the world is facing.

About Jenni

Jenni aims to shape a new business paradigm. Collaboration, systemic approach and human-led innovation are at the core. Her mission is to drive the transition towards circular economy in Australia across organisations, government and communities. Jenni has over 12 years’ experience in strategic design and delivery, behavioural change, operating models and service design. She has led teams on large transformation projects in Europe and Australia across State & National Governments and Financial Services.

Please note this event is being hosted online through Zoom. 

The funds we would normally spend on catering and video will be donated to OzHarvest.

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