flyer : 3 horizons meets 2 loops

flyer : 3 horizons meets 2 loops

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Social Design Sydney and the Systems Change Salon are committed to building social and systems change understanding and capacity. 

This year, the System Change Salon and Social Design Sydney have been experimenting with Bill Sharp’s Three Horizon Framework and the Berkana Institute’s 2 Loops Model. These frameworks support thinking and discussion about change.

Together with the Jeder InstituteThe Systems Change Salon will be hosting three workshops during September where we will

  • deepen our experience using each of these frameworks to reflect on change,
  • use the frameworks to help us reflect on the roles we play within current systems, and
  • consider how these models may be used together, for multiple purposes, in various contexts, to encourage reflection that leads to action.

This is a highly experiential program comprised of 3 weekly sessions.

We will be focused on using these frameworks to inform personal reflection as change is an inside job and understanding the role you play (and can play) within a system is key for supporting change.


The Sessions

Session 1 : Three Horizons framework deep dive : Getting our hands dirty with the Three Horizons framework utilising Kate Raworths’s suggestions for its use.

Session 2: Berkana 2 Loops deep dive : Getting our hands dirty with this framework utilising an existing dataset, with you in it.

Session 3 : The Moosh – What do we now see is possible?
Where are the complementary borders and boundaries of these two models? How might they work together to enact social change? How can this reflection lead to action, right now?

You can join one or all 3 meet-ups although the sessions will build on each other and participants will develop and strengthen relationships over the series.

You will get more from these sessions if you have a bit of familiarity with these frameworks in advance. Please spend some time reviewing some of the resources below.

Your Facilitators


Jax Wechsler : Sticky Design Studio

Jax Wechsler is passionate about change and enabling better futures for people and the planet. She consults as Sticky Design Studio where she draws on multiple influences such as Human-centred Design, Systems Thinking, Futures Thinking and Community Development approaches. Jax is passionate about practice, learning and teaching/sharing. She has founded two communities of practice, Social Design Sydney in 2013 and more recently the Systems Change Salon aimed at supporting change makers to do systems change work. Learn more about Jax’s projects and publications at

Dee Brooks : Jeder Institute

Through her down-to-earth style, Dee Brooks brings people together in dynamic ways to realise and engage the full potential of their networks and communities. Over 20 years, her work has inspired people at hundreds of events & workshops worldwide where she offers community engagement and development training and also provides professional co-design, facilitation and keynote addresses for conferences, forums and events.

Michelle Dunscombe : Jeder Institute

Michelle Dunscombe lives on Taungurung Country in regionalVictoria. She is an enthusiastic community development practitioner, facilitator & trainer who love’s working with emergence. She is skilled & passionate about strengthening regional, rural &remote communities, developing community leadership capacity, building community resilience &supporting community members to take action.

Fiona Miller : Jeder Institute

Fiona is a creative conduit and passionate about people and communities. As an ABCD practitioner her education continues to grow while sharing and exploring opportunities and resources that support the principles she works under. As a facilitator, graphic harvester or community member, contributing to community for making great places and participating in community led projects that are sustainable are her focus. Fiona’s background includes community development, creative and visual arts, early years, education, bushfire recovery, community houses, community gardens and more.

Vanessa J Alexander: Transforming Talk

Vanessa specialises in transformational change and culture building. Supported by qualifications in Sociology, Learning, Psychology and Wellbeing she has expertise in change management, facilitation, Theory U, Art of Hosting, Visual and Poetic Scribing and agile work practices with strengths in systems and design thinking, stakeholder engagement, collaboration and co-design.

Vanessa is the Strategy Change Manager for the University of Sydney, the founder of Transforming Talk where her purpose is to “awaken our ability to convene in conversation and act as a collective”, a founding member of The Grove is Open Co-operative, and a partner of Edgework Practitioners, through which she uses storytelling, music and poetry to create experiences and artefacts that activate our inherently creative human spirit and connect our everyday experience with the mythic possibilities of the liminal realms.

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