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Nonviolent Communication (NVC, also called Compassionate Communication or Collaborative Communication) is an approach to nonviolent living developed by Marshall Rosenberg beginning in the 1960s.

NVC aims to support change on three interconnected levels: within self, between others, and within groups and social systems.

NVC theory supposes that all human behaviour stems from attempts to meet universal human needs, and that these needs are never in conflict; rather, conflict arises when strategies for meeting needs clash.

NVC proposes that people can identify shared needs, which are revealed by the thoughts and feelings surrounding these needs, and then they can collaborate to develop strategies and make requests of each other to meet each other’s needs. The goal is interpersonal harmony and learning for future cooperation.

NVC is a tool for relationship building, at home, at work and as a tool to support social change.

It has broad applicability including in self-awareness, assertiveness, empathy for self and others, being able to speak up, levels of engagement, honouring agreements, supporting change, creating safety, building trust, mental health and management skills. Oh, and it is also a powerful communication model.

In short, NVC is a very valuable skill to employ in the workplace and beyond.
It can bring you language to create trust and more authentic communication and ways of working.

Join Shari Elle and Social Design Sydney to learn more about NVC and how it can support better communications.

Resources about NVC

About Shari Elle (The Communication Group)

Shari is an experienced communications trainer, whose aim is to support every person to stand in their authentic leadership, transforming the outdated hierarchical leadership models to one that engages the hearts and participation of every person in an organisation.  She also shares how the solutions to every challenge we face, lies in the quality of how we speak and hear each other – in the ability to identify what is authentically and vitally important and to see through each other’s eyes.

She is a co-founder of Nonviolent Communication in Australia and works with organisations, communities, government and individuals. She runs a 6-month Peer Leadership Program, working with leaders to live from the powerful foundations of authentic nonviolence.

Shari trains and mentors NVC trainers throughout Australia.

Shari is certified as an international trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication, does training and coaching, and is a life long student of how to create the world we want to live in through the way we communicate and connect.


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