Inner Development for Change Training Series

Change starts within

Awareness is needed for intentional change. Inner development expands awareness of self, others and our contexts.

As humanity faces increasingly complexity in our world, we need to develop capacity to evolve and adapt and better handle the rapid change. We need skills and practices that increase capacity for deeper awareness and wisdom so we can become active co-creators in the world we create.

Join Jax Wechsler on an online transformative learning journey where we will explore inner development practices based on Neuroscience, embodied/somatic processes, the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) and phenomenological approaches such as TheoryU.

Module 1 : Getting to know your nervous system

Our nervous systems influence our feelings, thoughts and actions, as well as the nervous systems of those around us.

  • What if we could develop familiarity with our own nervous systems, creating greater choice in each moment?
  • What if we could positively affect the nervous systems of those around us, allowing our systems to come into harmonious regulation?
  • What if we could consciously work with our nervous system increasing our resilience and creative thinking?

You are invited on a journey to understand and sense into how the nervous system influences how you think, feel, relate and act. This is an experiential journey where you will not only cognitively learn about the brain, nervous system, body and behaviour but also get familiar with your own nervous system in a somatic way.

Nervous system awareness can help you better understand yourself, others you may work or play with, and your context.


If this is something that resonates for you, express your interest here.


Jax Wechsler is passionate about systems change and enabling better futures for people and the planet. She believes that change starts within and that inner development is critical to build the awareness required for intentional change. Jax has 15 years experience in Social Design and consults as Sticky Design Studio where she draws on multiple influences in her practice such as Human-centred Design, Systems Thinking, TheoryU, Futures Thinking, Trauma Informed practice and Community Development. In 2013, she founded Social Design Sydney, a community of practice for practitioners working in social and systems change. Through this community of practice she teaches and mentors people interested in social design and change and is also a sessional lecturer at UTS. Jax is currently completing her ICF Certification in Coaching grounded in Process Oriented Executive and Systems Coaching and training in Organisational Constellations and Somatic coaching practices. Learn more about Jax’s projects and publications at

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