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Designing with: People powered social change

In Designing With – People Powered Social Change you’ll find out how collaborative, participatory, human-centred and design-led processes can be applied to the increasingly complex issues facing our society today. Our panel of experts focus on ‘Designing with’ people in very different scenarios. Hear case studies and research for participatory projects ranging from community to global initiatives. This is an opportunity to explore the relationship between design, civic participation, development and social change and what it takes to make a meaningful, sustainable social impact.

Designing with: Participatory approaches to build resilience

How do we ready ourselves to intervene responsively in the contingent situations that arise in co-designing to make change? How do we attune to group dynamics and respond ethically to unpredictable developments when working with ‘community’? And how do we build on assets already within a community to make it stronger?

Designing With Older People

Dr. Catherine Bridge Associate Professor for the Built Environment at UNSW and Program Director of the Enabling Built Environment Research Program.

Lauren Tann PhD, designer and author.

Jean Paul Bell Creative Director at the Arts Health Institute presents.

Dr. Bert Bongers Associate Professor in Interactivation at UTS.

Designing for Well Being

Dominic Campbell is a digital government specialist and social innovator. He established FutureGov in the UK in 2008 and has co-founded several start-ups such as Patchwork a collaboration tool for multi-agency working, currently focused on children and families intervention, Casserole a peer to peer meals on wheels service, and Enabled by Design a community of people interested in Design for All. Patchwork has been rolled out in Victoria and NSW and Casserole is coming soon.

Danielle Madsen is the Operations Manager for Family by Family, an initiative by The Australian Centre of Social Innovation (TACSI). Family by Family is a network of families helped by families. This successful program was first initiated in Adeliade and has recently been established in Sydney by Danielle and her team.

Designing with citizens

Join us for some conversation and Australian case studies discussing citizen involvement in the design of public policy and services at the state, local and federal government levels.

Jane Treadwell World Bank Government Transformation Senior Consultant, owner of Jane Treadwell Consulting, and former Chief Executive Officer at DesignGov (Australian Centre for Excellence in Public Sector Design)

Selena Griffith, Senior Lecturer, COFA, UNSW, co Founder Social Innovation Sydney and Councillor for North ward, Pittwater.

Designing with people : Understanding people’s worlds

Social designers have important moral and ethical responsibilities.

Join us for some conversation and case studies about design research in complex social contexts.


Jax Wechsler and Daniel Mohr will set the scene, sharing some design research methods and cases from across the globe.

Designing Citizen-centric Policy & Services

Designing Citizen-centric Policy & Services

This event consisted of conversation and Australian case studies discussing citizen involvement in the design of public policy and services at the state, local and federal government levels.

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