Designing w Citizens

6th March, 2017

Dr Andrea Siodmok is the Head of the UK Policy Lab in the Cabinet Office. She is both a practitioner and design thinker with an international reputation for applying design for public good. Formerly Chief Design Officer at the UK Design Council, she is currently head of the UK Government’s Policy Lab and a Deputy Director at the Cabinet Office.

Launched at the beginning of April 2014, the Policy Lab is a creative space where civil servants can experiment with new techniques and approaches to policy problems from data science to design. Its existence is born of a recognition that government needs to get better at policy-making; open it up, make it quicker, more digital and more connected with the people who are affected by it.

Andrea is passionate about expanding the boundaries of design practice. She was an early proponent of service design, and has been a champion for public involvement in designing better public services.
Come here Andrea share her thoughts about social design and policy development.

Panel discussion with Leisa Reichelt & Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer

Leisa Reichelt, Head of Service Design and User Research at the Digital Transformation Agency will also be joining us for a panel discussion sharing her thoughts and experiences about social design and policy development both here and in the UK.

Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer is a Senior Lecturer at UTS Faculty of Transcdisplinary Innovation. Some of her recent research is about public sector innovation labs around the world.

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