Designing w Vulnerable People

23 October, 2017

What do we need to be cognisant of when undertaking social design with vulnerable populations?
How do we evaluate our programs and understand whether we are indeed creating social impact?
In this special event we will take an in depth view of a specific social design program and will hear from the designers involved, the government client and the team responsible for evaluation/social impact assessment.

Designing with Aboriginal jobseekers

Michelle Miller ,Dr Tobias Andreasson and Aunty Vicky Charles from The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) and Anna Powell from Clear Horizon will be sharing insights and learnings from a recent user centred design project delivered by TACSI and Clear Horizon together with the Commonwealth Department of Employment. The project included working with Aboriginal jobseekers, service providers and front line staff in Mt Druitt (western Sydney), Playford in north Adelaide and Murray Bridge in SA. As part of the project a rigorous approach to ethics and developmental evaluation was undertaken.

Michelle has more than 15 years experience helping organisations and collaboration groups navigate the future by building capability, facilitating critical conversations and delivering solutions. She draws on a unique combination of innovation, organisational transformation, leadership and design experience. She has had the privilege to work with diverse sectors and industries, including telecommunications, infrastructure, media, insurance, consumer products, academia, government, NGOs and charities.

Tobias has a multidisciplinary background and specialises in social research, transformative processes and human centred design. For over 15 years he has worked as social researcher, designer, educator and photographer. He has worked extensively with people who have physical and intellectual disabilities and with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Anna Powell has over 15 years experience in strategy, collaboration and evaluation, working internationally and in Australia across the education, community, international development, corporate and education sectors. Anna draws on training and practical experience in complexity theory, psychology, organisational learning and adaptive leadership to support people to co-create, implement and learn from strategic social change initiatives.

Aunty Vickey Charles is originally from Alawa/Mara nation but grew up in Adelaide from the age of 18 months. She has worked across her life to tell the story and raise awareness of Aboriginal Australia through her work in the Not for Profit, Non Government, and Government sector. Vickey has a passion to see both Aboriginal and Non- Aboriginal workers across the community service sector receive accurate training and has helped inform Reconciliation Action Plans at all of her work places. She has worked with young Aboriginal children under the Guardianship Of the Minister to help them see their Aboriginal story as meaningful, while advocating for consideration of the context of their families in light of the historical systemic background of Aboriginal Australia. While working for TACSI Aunty Vickey has significantly contributed to both the Family by Family program as well as the Weavers program both through direct liaison with families as well as up skilling colleagues to be more culturally competent.


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