Designing with: People powered social change

Vivid – 4th June 2018

In Designing With – People Powered Social Change you’ll find out how collaborative, participatory, human-centred and design-led processes can be applied to the increasingly complex issues facing our society today. Our panel of experts focus on ‘Designing with’ people in very different scenarios. Hear case studies and research for participatory projects ranging from community to global initiatives. This is an opportunity to explore the relationship between design, civic participation, development and social change and what it takes to make a meaningful, sustainable social impact.

Jax Wechsler discusses how participatory and human-centred design can support social change.

Kerry Graham discusses collective impact through place-based social innovation case studies.

A driven social change advocate and consultant whose purpose is to evolve the way social change happens in Australia. Specialties: Social innovation, collective impact & collaboration, co-design, nonprofit leadership; strategic planning, facilitation, social sector reform and program design.

Mathan Ratinam shares some lessons learnt on the qualities, properties and limitations of design-led practice in international development.

Our panel of experts focus on ‘Designing with’ people in very different scenarios.

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