3 July, 2017

Many of us who work on social issues realise that it takes much more than one new touchpoint, app or program to really move the needle and create meaningful change.
How might we (re-) build systems across sectors with people that help rather hinder them to move forward and on with their lives?

We will hear from the guest speakers below and then explore this topic in a panel discussion.

Kerry Graham
Kerry Graham has worked in social change for over 20 years. Her purpose is to evolve the way social change happens in Australia for the benefit of young people.
Kerry is a Founder & Director of Collaboration for Impact – Australia’s leading organisation for enabling people to tackling big, tough problems and create large scale impact through collaboration. In this role, Kerry provides support to and curates learning for communities, corporations, governments, philanthropy and non-profit organisations on how to drive large-scale social change in intractable social challenges. Kerry also lectures on collaborative practice with Centre for Social Impact at University of New South Wales.
Kerry will take people through a process for designing systems change. In doing so she will share the challenges of working this way and provide tips and stories on how to keep making progress against the odds.

Claire McKendrick
Claire McKendrick leads system reform projects, strategy development and policy initiatives. Over the last 15 years she has been responsible for projects that address complex issues such as health service reform, improving long term Aboriginal health outcomes, reforming NGO funding, and assessing and building organisational capacity.
Claire is going to share her learnings from a project she worked on a large cross sector program looking at how to create better health outomes for indigenous Australians.

Melissa Edwards
Melissa Edwards is a Senior Lecturer at the UTS Business School and a researcher at Centre for Business and Social Innovation. She is researches and teaches about sustainability, complexity and social impact. Her work is transdisciplinary and directed towards understanding how people organize, learn and adapt to enable sustainable transitions.
She will speak about recent research findings regarding transitionopportunities and barriers in the transition to the Circular Economy: https://www.uts.edu.au/about/uts-business-school/what-we-do/research-and-teaching/think/planting-seeds

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