Designers Listening Circle : Navigating our Practice from Personal to Collective. People sitting around a fire talking.

The design field is constantly evolving and we are working within the context of a greater transition to more sustainable and regenerative ways amidst current business paradigms and concerns.

We are navigating the territory of new technologies, complexity and change, organisational pressures and politics, tightening job markets, and many of us experience burn out and misalignments with our personal values. We help our clients to navigate the changing landscape and markets, though what do designers need to flourish? Join Alissa FleetViv SungJax Wechsler and your design peers in a listening circle to reflect and explore:
  • What’s happening in the field?
  • What does this mean for designers at this time?
  • What’s needed personally, as a field and collectively at this time?
  • How can we better resource ourselves and each other?
* This is a participatory event and there will not be a recording available. If there is enough interest, we are open to run this again at a different time.

About your facilitators

Jax WechslerViv Sung and Alissa Fleet are designers who feel that inner development is a key piece to enabling and sustaining change. We are very interested in practices that cultivate inner awareness and diverse ways of sensing and seeing, such as phenomenological and embodied practices. Jax and Viv are strategic designers and educators who have recently launched a new initiative called the School of Being aimed at restoring wellbeing with ourselves, our relations and our living world. They host transformative learning experiences online and in nature to help people develop greater inner awareness so that they can more effectively navigate and co-create change in the world. Alissa is a Facilitator of Systemic Constellations offering mentoring and training in the Art of Possibility for designers and early stage founders.

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