Is Co-design the Silver Bullet?

Sydney Design Festival – 5th March, 2018

There’s a lot of talk about co-design in all sectors these days. But does co-design always lead to action? Jax Wechsler (Sticky Design), Emma Blomkamp (University of Melbourne), David Lilley (Holos Consulting) and Chris Vanstone (TACSI) present successes and failures.

Transition Design

6th December, 2017

Transition Design is an emerging field of design research, practice and study, which looks toward design-led societal transition toward more sustainable futures.  Professor Terry Irwin (Carnegie Melon University), Kees Dorst (UTS) and Sasha Abram (Westpac Bank) present.

Designing w Vulnerable People

Designing with Vulnerable People : Case study

23 October, 2017

An in depth view of a specific social design program; hear from the designers involved, the government client and the team responsible for evaluation/social impact assessment. Michelle Miller, Dr Tobias Andreasson and Aunty Vicky Charles (TACSI) and Anna Powell (Clear Horizon) present Designing with Aboriginal jobseekers.

Designing Systems Change

3 July, 2017

How might we (re-) build systems across sectors with people that help rather hinder them to move forward? Kerry Graham (Collaboration for Impact), Clare McKendrick (Consultant) and Melissa Edwards (UTS) discuss research and experiences with community, health outcomes and the circular economy.

Designing w Citizens

Dr. Andrea Siodmok: Head of the UK Policy Lab

6th March, 2017

The UK Policy Lab is a creative and experimental space, designed to help the government get better at policy-making; open it up, make it quicker, more digital and more connected with the people who are affected by it. Panel discussion with Leisa Reichelt (Digital Transformation Agency) and Mieke ven der Bijl-Brouwer (UTS).

Designing w Vulnerable People

Designing with Young People

20 September, 2016

Three quite different projects using participatory approaches are presented; Participatory documentary with young people, Phillip Crawford, film-maker (Beyond Empathy); Designing with Young People in Practice, Natalie Rowland (social and design researcher) and Shaping participation in the Safe & Well online program, Teresa Swist and Philippa Collin (UWS)