Designing for wellbeing

Designing for Well Being

23 July, 2014

A conversation, and global case studies discussing designing for wellbeing. Dominic Campbell (FutureGov), Danielle Madsen (TACSI) and Susan Wolfe (OE Strategy) present and discuss their projects: Patchwork, Casserole, Enabled by Design and Family by Family.

Susan Wolfe, who has been on the scene in Australia since 1995 (and now is also Principal of OE Strategy in San Francisco), has many years experience using design approaches for wicked problem solving.

Designing w Citizens

Designing Citizen-centric Policy & Services

3 June, 2014

Australian case studies discussing citizen involvement in the design of public policy and services at the state, local and federal government levels. Speakers include: Jane Treadwell (Jane Treadwell Consulting) – DesignGov; Selena Griffith (COFA, Social Innovation Sydney) – Pittwater Council; Rodger Watson, (UTS) – Designing Out Crime.