Social Design Sydney Masterclass

Social Design Sydney is really excited to be hosting some codesign classes with Liz Sanders August 3-5th at UTS.

About Liz Sanders

Liz is Associate Professor of Design at The Ohio State University and has been a design research consultant in the industry since 1981. She introduced many of the tools, techniques and methods being used today to drive and/or inspire design from a human-centered perspective and has practised co-designing across all the design disciplines. She speaks and conducts workshops about participatory design research, collective creativity and transdisciplinarity all over the world. Liz is also the founder of MakeTools, a company that explores new spaces in the emerging design landscapes.

She recently co-authored (with Pieter Jan Stappers) a book called Convivial Toolbox: Generative Research for the Front End of Design.

Liz teaches how codesign can help us explore future experience together through making, telling and enacting. Join us to learn about this powerful generative design research approach.

LizSanders Exploring Future Experience

Liz’s approach for exploring future experience with Codesign


The Training Events

In August, Liz will be facilitating 2 events for Social Design Sydney hosted at UTS.


WHEN: August 5th at 12 – 4:30 pm

WHERE: UTS Design Innovation Research Centre, 622-632 Harris Street, Ultimo, NSW.
INVESTMENT: Tickets range from $110-$140 plus booking fee

In this workshop, Liz will first give an overview of codesign and discuss some of her codesign case-studies and their methods. In the second part of the workshop, Liz will run us through a codesign activity so that you learn a method and get an experiential understanding of codesign.



2. ADVANCED CODESIGN (for expert codesign practitioners and NGO’s)

WHEN: August 3rd 9.30-5pm, Friday 4th August at 9.30-12.30pm
WHERE: UTS Design Innovation Research Centre, 622-632 Harris Street, Ultimo, NSW.
INVESTMENT : Tickets cost $900 plus GST. If you are an NGO, complete the expression of interest below to join for a special price.

Only 15 participants!

In this 1.5 day workshop Liz  will engage experienced practitioners in a learning environment with hands-on, codesign activities and experiments. The problem area we will focus on in the workshop is “How might we support change makers to be more effective?”.

Using this design question, Liz will guide us through a process where we will:

  • Understand and discuss how codesign can be applied to wicked problems and large-scale initiatives
  • Use envisioning and planning codesign methods to understand the present state and preferred future state.
  • Creation of roadmaps showing how to get there, i.e. what to do with who and when.
  • Understand social innovation as a process of wayfinding that requires adaptability and responsiveness.
  • Identification of indicators that act as hints and clues, guiding us towards our preferred future state.

Learn some codesign methods and support yourselves and your community of change makers with Social Design Sydney.

NB Tickets for the workshop are strictly limited and the workshop is only open to people with experience using codesign methods and NGO’s who would like to partner with Social Design Sydney in solving problems in the future. We are focused on design for social innovation and we are hoping to get a mix of people who have social sector experience.

If you would like to come, please complete an expression of interest.
Expressions of interest close July 13!
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